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The SECURITY CENTRE JAGUARS offers a wide range of physical protection services in the Latvian market – from VIP-escorts and the bodyguard services to ensuring public order at mass gatherings of any format. Most long-term contracts are concluded by us in the field of physical protection of gaming-halls, construction and reconstruction sites, shops, tenement houses and office buildings.

The young and energetic team of the SECURITY CENTRE JAGUARS is operating in an intense rhythm, and the rate of  growth of the company is the cause of honor for the staff.

The cornerstone of our work in the field of security is maximum satisfaction of our customers’ needs based on cooperation with the insurance companies, the law enforcement authorities and in strict compliance with law.

The SECURITY CENTRE JAGUARS conducts its activities on the basis of a license No 1000 of the 2nd (highest) category issued by the Latvian Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The SECURITY CENTRE JAGUARS is a member of the Association of Business Security and the Latvian Federation of Detectives and Security Services.