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security of objects

The Security Centre Jaguars operates on the basis of a license Nr. 1000 of the 2nd (highest) category issued by the Latvian Ministry of Internal Affairs, which authorities the security operations license.

Certified officers of our firm are ready to protect the object 24 hours a day. The security guards may dressed in civilian clothes (a dark suit, a white shirt, a dark necktie), or in a uniform: - dark blue trousers, a dark blue short jacket with chevrons, a light grey shirt, a dark blue necktie), equipped with special means; in case of necessity, armed and equipped with communications facilities.

A senior officer is appointed for each guarded object, who communicates with the administration of the object on the measures of precaution.

The operative officer on duty carries out regular round-the-clock check-up of the object in the town. During the check-up he advises our customers, if necessary, on the measures of safety of the object and on organizational issues.

In emergency situations the Security Centre Jaguars ensures the arrival of a mobile group at the object.